Creative Movement Therapy Association of India
with SNDT Women’s University Department of Special Education
presents its
9th Annual International Conference

at SNDTWU, Juhu Campus, Mumbai
November 19th and 20th

Holding Spaces Across Communities
Dance & other Arts Therapies

Pre-Conference Intensive - November 18, 2022
Main Conference - November 19 & 20, 2022

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The highlights of the Conference shared below:

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The conference will focus on experiences of re-visiting Community settings in India and the global scenario through Dance and other Art Therapies (Drama, Visual Art & Music) based on the current socio-cultural and geo-political contexts. Through experiential and theoretical sessions, panel discussions, research papers, and poster presentations, facilitators will offer engaging perspectives on the disintegration and re-grouping of communities through arts therapies - They will highlight creative, expressive and embodied practices which have had a psycho-social impact on collective resilience, conflict resolution, inter-generational trauma and re-integration of individuals into communities.

Pre-conference Intensive Workshop:

Theme: Finding Flow: Emergent Kinesthetic Processes in Improvisational Movement and Dance Therapy

By Corinna Brown PhD, LCAT, BC-DMT

Date: November 18th, 2022

This intensive workshop will provide a combination of didactic and experiential learning to help participants understand the healing opportunities within emergent processes inherent in improvisational approaches to group dance/movement therapy including but not limited to the Chace Approach. The intensive will present several theoretical frames from which to examine the healing factors within creative arts therapy in general and within dance therapy, specifically,  giving participants an embodied experience of each healing factor. Participants will be given time to explore and articulate these factors in their own creative practices and work.   

It will review the positive psychology concept of flow and contrast it with the flow within group improvisation. Emphasis will be given to flow within a dance therapy group. This will include examining phenomena such as unison movement, repetition, making sounds and music (from the body and/or soundtrack), deep listening, connecting, and making visual, physical, emotional, and kinesthetic contact.  How flow may be an indicator of the therapeutic effectiveness of group dance therapy will also be discussed.

The presenter will share her experience of working with a variety of populations over the past 3 decades in hospital, community, and private settings. She will give case examples of how she has used these processes to strengthen the community, help clients heal their trauma, and create healing spaces.  She will include how this has shifted over the course of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Honoring tacit knowledge and dance as a way of knowing, participants will have opportunities to explore their own creativity, movement expression, and healing practices during the session. Information will be presented via lecture, discussion, creative exploration, and movement experientials individually, in dyads, in small groups, and collectively. Opportunities will be given for participants to honor their own embodied knowledge, to play with cultural practices within this form, and to find joy.

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Main Conference:

The conference includes 4 concurrent sessions with a total of 24 sessions, research presentations, poster presentations and a panel discussion. 

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Online Pre-recorded Sessions:

To further extend our efforts in sharing and exchanging knowledge within the Creative Arts Therapies, CMTAI is offering 6 Pre-recorded online sessions by facilitators from all around the globe as part of CMTAI's 9th Annual International Conference. With the hope that these recordings can be a value add for participants from all over, the online sessions are available- At Rs 1500 for anyone who cannot travel to Mumbai for the onsite conference and would like to opt for online sessions only.- In addition, every participant who chooses to attend the onsite conference in Mumbai will also receive this package FREE OF COST (included in their Pre-conference/Conference Registration Fees)
To view the Online Session and Presenter details: Online Session Details

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MembersRs. 2800Rs.5200Rs. 8000
Non-MembersRs. 3000Rs. 5500Rs. 8500
Indian StudentsRs. 2000Rs. 4500Rs. 6500
InternationalRs. 3400Rs. 6800Rs. 10200

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CMTAI Conference Committee:

Mudrika Awasthi, Conference Director & Chapter Secretary- West Zone
Aparna Core Team Member, CMTAI
Maanasa M. Bharath, Core Team Member, CMTAI
Reetu Jain, Co-founder, CMTAI
Tripura Kashyap, Co-Founder, CMTAI
Preethi Rajagopalan, Core Team Member, CMTAI
Sukriti Dua, Core Team Member, CMTAI

SNDTWU Conference Committee:

Hon'ble Vice Chancellor Prof. Ujwala Chakradeo, Patron
Prof. Sujata Bhan, HOD, DSE SNDTWUConvenor
Betty Abraham, Conference Leads