Building Resilience and Promoting Healing through Dance & other Arts Therapies
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This year's conference will present a mosaic of interventions from Dance and other Arts therapies (Drama, Visual Art, Music) focused on fostering coping skills and healing by addressing individual and collective psychosocial trauma. Sessions will offer diverse methods and techniques that promote inclusivity through embodied multicultural artistic practices, and facilitators will share their knowledge and experiences based on the online-offline adaptations of their work. Experiential and theoretical sessions, panel discussions, research papers, and poster presentations will highlight the significant role and benefits of dance/movement and the other arts therapies within the mental health/well-being paradigm.

Pre-conference Intensive Workshop:

Creating Resiliency Through Dance
By Dr. Ilene Serlin, PH.D, BC-DMT  
Date: 3rd December 2021 
Time: 8:30 am - 12:30 pm (IST) 
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Main Conference:

The conference includes 4 concurrent sessions with a total of 28 sessions, research presentations, panel discussion, and virtual networking spaces. Each year we conceive and add a new segment to our conference. This year we introduce 'Therapeutic Performances' by renowned choreographers/dancers at this year's conference.
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International Rs.2500 Rs.3750 Rs.6250

(Note: Before registering, please make sure you login/create a User ID by clicking the 
'REGISTER' button at the top right corner of the page)

Conference Committee:

Preethi Rajagopalan, Conference Director & Core Team Member, CMTAI
Tripura Kashyap, Co-Founder, CMTAI
Aparna Ramkrishnan, Core Team Member, CMTAI
Murtuza Railwaywala, Chapter Chair - West Zone
Karishma Thapa, Chapter Chair - East Zone
Rashmi Balakrishnan, Chapter Chair - South Zone
Sneh Sankpal, Chapter Secretary - South Zone
Somoshree Sanyal, Chapter Secretary - East Zone
Mudrika Awasthi, Chapter Secretary - West Zone
Shubha Bangur, Chapter Vice-Chair - East Zone
Washim Raja, Admin Executive, CMTAI

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