CMTAI's Annual International Conference brings together practitioners and therapists from the field of dance/movement therapy and also other creative arts therapists, mental health professionals, counsellors, students and other individuals from all over the world. The conference is aimed at spreading awareness and bringing together the fast-growing community for exchange of knowledge and innovative ideas in the field. Experiential sessions are facilitated by Indian as well as International practitioners and therapists in introductory, intermediate as well as advanced levels. Panel discussions and research presentations encourage academic deliberation and dialogue. The emphasis is on collaborations for those within the field and other related fields to work together for the mental, emotional, and physical wellness. In the 2019 conference, CMTAI introduced its first-ever Pre-conference Intensive Workshop and poster presentations.

Movement and Other Arts Therapies: Encountering the New Normal



For the 7th Annual International Conference, CMTAI is virtually bringing together movement and other creative arts therapists/practitioners from across continents to re-think and re-imagine the purpose, medium, and meaning of our disciplines in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, or the ‘New Normal’. As a dynamic global community, we will explore how we can contribute to mental health and well-being during the pandemic and post-pandemic era by sharing multicultural artistic approaches and tools and techniques from our praxis that address resilience-building and psychological fallouts like anxiety and depression.

We will discuss the opportunities and challenges of online teaching, therapy and facilitation, and how online interactions and engaging with individuals in confined spaces are shaped when striving for effective learning and qualities such as human warmth and kinesthetic empathy. Interactive sessions will focus on how arts therapies can nurture our inner selves, enhance endurance to face uncertainties and new realities, and transform crises into aesthetic life affirmations. We will experience cutting-edge arts therapies practices being used in diverse sociocultural settings and ways in which they give us psychological and spiritual strength to deal with these turbulent times. This year's virtual conference will consist of a pre-conference workshop, keynote address, basic and advanced theoretical-experiential sessions, research paper presentations, panel discussions, and more!

Stay tuned for more details!