My Body, My Wisdom: A Handbook of Creative Dance Therapy

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-Movement-based Self-care techniques for Therapists & Trainers -By Tripura Kashyap

“It is vital for helping professionals, to recognize the symptoms of secondary trauma and compassion fatigue. If you experience any of those signs or symptoms, realize that you are not alone and that secondary trauma and compassion fatigue are treatable.... Read full article.

Media and Publications

Our Research & Publications serve as a powerful tool for spreading awareness about Dance Movement Therapy (DMT). These publications not only showcase the transformative potential of DMT but also highlight the dedicated work of our team members. Our team members' contributions to these publications demonstrate their  commitment to advancing the field and making a positive difference in the lives of individuals and communities through the creative and healing art of DMT. 

Indian Magazine of Dance/Movement Therapy

3rd Edition
Greetings and Welcome to the 3rd edition of the Indian Magazine of Dance and Expressive Arts Therapies which has been jointly brought out by Artsphere (Pune) and CMTAI (Creative Movement Therapy Association of India).

2nd Edition
Here is the 2nd edition of CMTAI’s annual ­E-Magazine of Dance Therapy for all of you! Gratitude for the Artsphere Team for sourcing out articles, personal experiences and research-based writings from dance movement therapy practitioners and facilitators.

1st Edition
CMTAI has collaborated with Artsphere, Pune to produce this first ever E-Magazine on Dance/Movement therapy in India. We are proud and excited to release this E-journal on the 2nd anniversary of CMTAI, which was launched in March 2014, Delhi.