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Over 200 projects/workshops have been conducted by CMTAI team members and/or CMTAI affiliates (i.e. students, collaborators, etc.) for trainers, facilitators and therapists who work with populations/sectors such as special needs groups, rehabilitation centres, hospitals, educational institutions, corporates, NGOs, etc. We also organize open workshops in Bangalore and Delhi, facilitated by dance, music, drama and visual arts therapists from India and abroad. Some of our past workshops are as follows:


Expressive narratives with a therapeutic intent

April 6th & 7th, 2019, New Delhi


Time  - 10 am - 5 pm

Venue -  NarenJayan Studio, 53, Bharati Artists Colony, Vikas Marg, Near Nirman Vihar Metro station, Delhi-110092

Fee - 4200

What do we cover in the workshop  ?

We cover the understanding of what narratives are ?  Gestures /mime, in drawing , or in images . It can be just a description  , brief and truncated , expressive , or in a full fledged tale , or abstract images and poetry .


What are expressive narratives?

A narrative could be brief description, -brief and truncated, expressive or a tale , or an abstract image and poetry .

The use of props and object in  ABT context , how they can be used to address therapeutic goals .

The sequencing and development (gradual to complex /size /manageability /intensity / narrative capability of the object through movement and playing .

Exploring the spaces of healing metaphors through objects, images and cards.

Exploring texture , colour , sensory notes and extrapolative into imaginative notes

To spot patterns in the expressive narratives.

To learn projective techniques .

Safety precautions , physical , and emotional triggers

To understand the nature of transitional objects .


Who will it benefit?

The workshop will benefit those individuals who are looking to strengthen understanding of transformative metaphors 

The workshop invites those who are already practitioners of the healing arts

The workshop is 21 above , preferably looking at 25 plus

The workshop encourages those who work with difficult populations to come for this workshop.


Benefits of this workshop.

The understanding of ones owns expressive capacity

To reach out through the healing metaphors or application of the healing metaphors.

To learn the dynamics of group interaction through materials.

To look at the body as a material to play with, in relationship to materiality and objects




The Music Therapy Trust in collaboration with CMTAI
Nina Cherla
New Delhi, Jan 2018

Our workshop on Integrating Music Therapy and Movement for mental health and children with special needs. We learnt how music therapy is used for tackling challenges in verbal expression in special needs children and how music impacts their emotional well being . We also explored how music and rhythm impacts our own body and movement and the role of breath in reintegration of the voice.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Movement
Sudip Mukerjee
New Delhi, Aug 2017

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and Movement offered a perspective on the two and how they may work together. The workshop was conducted by Col Sudip Mukherjee is a Certified Master Trainer and Facilitator, an NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer and holds a Masters Degree in Psychology.

Rhythmic Movement & Self Expression
Sumeet Nagdev
Bengaluru, 30th July 2017

Experience a wide range of movements developed from a combination of Yoga, Modern Dance (Graham Technique) & Pilates with Sumeet as he teaches you sequences that will put a smile on your face!

Laban Movement Analysis
Tanvi Bajaj
New Delhi, Sept’16

This workshop was conducted by Tanvi Bajaj (Movement Analyst and Psychologist) and focused on techniques of Laban Movement Analysis to enhance the understanding of body, mind and space and the interconnection of the three.

My Body My Wisdom
Tripura Kashyap and Sophie Christopher
Bangalore, July’16

This workshop was conducted by Tripura Kashyap (Movement Therapist, Choreographer & Dance Educator) and Sophie Christopher (Counselor, ICF Life Coach, Group Process Facilitator) and focused on befriending one’s body and reconnecting to its wisdom - an invaluable guide to understanding our psyche better.

Authentic Movement and Voice
Bettina Wenzel
Mumbai, March 2016 & New Delhi, Feb’16

Participants were invited to follow their spontaneous impulses to sound and movement free from any expectation or judgment to deepen and diversify the perception of ourselves and the other.

Trauma, the Body & Use of Dance/Movement Therapy
Katia Verreault
Bangalore, March’16

The workshop was conducted by Katia Verreault (Dance Therapist; Director, A Moving World Foundation, The Netherlands / Nepal). The focus was on the application of Dance/Movement Therapy in the context of trauma and how to support resource building interventions.

Butoh Workshop
Sub-body Butoh School, Dharamshala
Bangalore, Jan’16

The workshop covered basic principles & techniques of Butoh, a form of Japanese dance-theatre. It was a part of the 2016 India Butoh Tour organized by Sub-body Butoh School, Dharamshala.

Starting with the Self
Ritu Shree
New Delhi, Nov’15

This was an Expressive Arts Therapy Workshop conducted by Ritu Shree (Dance and Movement Therapist, Expressive Arts Therapist and Child Psychologist) and focused on finding the starting point of therapeutic interaction by first understanding one’s own self space bringing about creative exploration of our beings, our sense of awareness and our starting points.

Moving Stories
Anshuma Kshetrapal
Bangalore and New Delhi, Sept’15

Moving Stories- Drama and Movement Therapy workshop was conducted by Anshuma Kshetrapal (Drama & Movement Therapist, UK/Delhi ). Theatre, storytelling and movement techniques were used in this experiential workshop to help people express and get in touch with their collective unconscious.