CMTAI is an excellent association conducting several workshops relating to body, mind and creative movements to heal, strengthen and find one’s inner self. I feel fortunate that I could attend one such workshops which changed my perspective about my own life. It taught me to be friendly with myself, how to deal with my emotions, let go of anger and most importantly respect myself for what I am. This 3 days workshop was like a meditation session to me.

Anitha Chandrashekar, Homemaker

CMTAI has been an eye and mind opener for me in multiple ways. I have always believed that there is more to dancing than choreography and have wanted to understand the connection between movement and body. Through various workshops, conferences and guiding light I have been able to create for me a space where I can work with mind and body wellness/ fitness. Each member of the team has been available at any point and brings a great sense of newness to each element of movement.

Anandita Kakkar, Movement Facilitator, Dancer & Founder- "And All That Dance"